The Watering Can

Lord, open our eyes to see those who are dry and in need of watering, even if they are smiling and trying to be strong.

IMG_2665 Daisy.Watering.Can.qt_smw

Happy Independence Day!

If I Had a Flower…

Finding Love

Driftwood and a heart discovered by my daughter and me while waiting for a friend to arrive via a ferry.  Thank you, Lord, for the different ways You speak to us and reveal Your love!!

IMG_0426ip driftwood.heart_smwTaken with my iPhone 5.

A Sign of Spring

The brief snow turned to a misty rain yesterday morning. The sun still hid behind the gray clouds, but inside was warm and had colorful signs of spring!

IMG_1188 ladybug_smw

A Token of Love

A tattered, dried rose petal found among the rocks of a thawing lake near a ferry dock. A token of a loved ones arrival? Or did it find its way here from a distant shore?

IMG_8647 rocks.rose.petal_smw

Scarlet Ribbon

A closeup of a rose petal’s edge from a bouquet of flowers given to me for my birthday.

IMG_0455 rose.petal.abstract_smw


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