WPC: When Life Begins to Fray

I recently bought a colorful, artsy scarf, which I quickly noticed frays easily.  Even though it looks like a mess, the nice thing about its design is it seems as easily fixed by stretching the fabric in just the right place and with the right amount of tension.  I was reminded of how God designed us in such a way that we are not so easily broken, and when life begins to fray, if we will allow God to stretch us a bit, even when it looks like a mess, our lives can become untangled.  He knows just how and where to stretch us so our lives can look like a beautiful tapestry once again.

IMG_6815 Scarf.fray_smw

IMG_6837 fray.colors_smw

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KC in Arizona: Frayed Nerves

21 thoughts on “WPC: When Life Begins to Fray

  1. I’m reminded that beautiful clothes in the past were not thrown out because they were frayed or worn out but were repaired and used again. Just becaue we’re frayed or worn out doesn’t mean we are worthless and God and sometimes a good friendship can repair and make worthy something beautiful.

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