Rain, Rain Go Away

I actually like rain, unless there is something I want to do outside and stay dry.  A young friend’s birthday celebration was hindered by the weather, and I was reminded of something she had said when she was 10-years-old.  “Life is unfair.  I wish it could be unfair in my favor.”  I found what she said to be so raw, honest and quite profound.

IMG_5836 raindrop.splash.qt.smw

I used a free trial font called Dear Joe 1 MS for the quote and 1942 report for the credit.


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33 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away

    • Kids say the funniest and interesting things sometimes, don’t they? Although I sometimes whine to the Lord about some ‘unfair’ things, I am actually glad that life isn’t completely fair and that sometimes it is unfair in my favor due to God’s mercy and grace.

        • I’m so sorry to hear that. Although I have not experienced it myself, my daughter has hypoadrenia, which can have fibromyalgia-like symptoms, and I have friends who have at times been debilitated by it. ((hug))

              • When I was in my 20’s I had a Minolta 350, 35 mm and I think it was a 400 mm lens, I took a lot of photos back in those days. some really good ones, but one day My photos began to come back blurry, (remember I have Fibro) My eyes changed and I didn’t realize that I was taking my glasses off to shoot, so when I was in focus, the photos were always out of focus. Its really kind of funny, now because I never did figure it out until just recently and now I get good shots again because I use auto focus, and digital, and just to make sure I get a good photo I take lots of them.

                God Bless your Day Rene

              • A fire call? Are you a fire fighter Rene?

                yes if you like go ahead and check it out

                repost, or use anything you like

              • Wow thats very admirable Rene

                You are a servant

                My Daughter Hailie is an EMT she’s been on some medivac flights to the Yukon andover to Vancouver and in 2 weeks she’ll be done her 1st year of collage for nursing

                I pretty proud of he she is a servant as well.

              • Aww, thank you, Hubert. I am signed up for an EMT course for the upcoming semester. I am both excited and nervous about going back to high school… their tech institute… especially as a 50+ year old. [chuckle]

              • Thats pretty awesome Rene!! Im a safety and Quality control Officer for a medium sized Logging company so I get to do drills and investigations etc. 2 years ago I witnessed a man in his 40’s go into a diabetic/ alcoholic seizure and collapse half way into his pickup truck, I went over and took him out of the truck as he was flailing wildly and was getting cut up, after getting him onto the ground I called 911 and went through all the emergency response procedures with the operator until they got an ambulance there, and we had the man on his way to the Hospital. PHEW that was so rewarding for me, after it was over I went to my truck climbed in had a little happy cry then called my Daughter Hailie and told her all about it.
                I have the utmost respect for anyone who is so giving as to do what you are endeavouring to do, I pray God bless you abundantly in it and for iT Rene. (Chuckle?) You don’t look 50 to me I thought maybe early 40’s lol

                Congratulations on going back to school.
                That was never an option for me.

              • Wow! That’s fantastic! Although I have not done anything that dramatic yet, I can see how it could be very rewarding. I’m sure your daughter was as proud of you as you are of her.

                Thank you for the compliment. Although some people say I haven’t changed since high school, I have definitely aged. Recently, my oldest son sent me a meme that showed how Asian women tend to age. Here’s a link to the image:


                When I saw it, I thought, “Nooooo!” LOL

              • Ha ha ha ha Rene I can guarantee that you wont age like that

                NNooooooooooooo you won’t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                So let me get this right, your French, Irish, or Scottish, and Oriental too ?

                I read your profile but I have fibro and sometimes get my merds wixed up.

                My youngest son Jes was looking at an old pic of me from when I was 19 and had jet black hair, no scars or wrinkles etc etc… He said “WOW Dad you were so handsome when you had black hair!”

                I just laughed and laughed

                What else could I do?

                God Bless your Day Rene

              • Hmmm Did God ever have to do any work on your Temper?? don’t answer if your not willing 🙂

              • Im both sides French with some Algonquin I believe Not Mohawk or apache I don’t think

          • Yeah Fibro is brutal, Im sure Ive had it from my childhood and it has cost me everything I have worked for more than once. I can’t take life to seriously anymore
            And I love to laugh… God has to be in control I sure can’t be.

            I have never heard of hypoadrenia before but I did a quick little research on it and It sure does look a lot like fibre from the tiredness/ and exhaustion aspect for sure.

            Give one of those hugs to her Rene

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