Comfrey Blossoms

My daughter and I recently attended a garden seminar on wild edible plants.  As we walked through an herb garden, the instructor pointed out the Comfrey and stated that its leaves could be used to make tea, but the roots and leaves have been used for centuries in making poultices to speed the healing of wounds and even broken bones, giving Comfrey its alternate names Knitbone and Boneset.  Its leaves are broad and hairy, and its flowers are bell-shaped and range in color from a very light pink to a rich purple.

My daughter has a bad case of plantar fasciitis in one of her feet, so she wanted to try applying a comfrey poultice to it.  She put the leaves in a blender and added a little hot water and flour.  I helped her by applying it to a strip of old flannel sheet and then wrapping her foot with it, covering it with a plastic bag and one of her brother’s old socks.  She left it on for a couple of hours and noticed a difference in her pain level the next morning.  We applied another poultice this evening, so we will see if there is a noticeable difference again tomorrow.  I am not a medical practitioner, so I am providing this for informational purposes only.  Please be sure to consult a physician or qualified health care provider if you have any questions or concerns.

IMG_5070 comfrey.flowers_smw

IMG_5216 comfrey.flowers_smw

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