Moss Glen Falls, Lincoln Gap and an Unknown Cemetery

Earlier last week, my daughter and I took a small road trip.  I had remembered traveling a gap in Vermont decades ago and have been wanting to go back since there was no stopping along the way that first time.  After doing a Google search, I thought the Lincoln Gap between Warren and Lincoln, Vermont may have been the one, but after having traversed it this time, I think I need to do another search.

Having been to a waterfall two years ago, that I thought was on the way, I bypassed the Lincoln Gap Road thinking the waterfall was not much further.  It ended up being 7.5 miles, which isn’t far, but seems far when not anticipated.  Moss Glen Falls in Granville, Vermont can be clearly seen from Route 100.  It has a nice place to pull over just before the falls, along with a small foot bridge and path to the water’s edge.  Because of the midday sun, the lighting was not ideal for picture-taking, and I’d forgotten my neutral density filter, which also made getting a silky waterfall impossible.

IMG_4259 Moss.Glen.Falls_smw


Here is one of the shots I took of the same waterfall two years ago:

IMG_0904 Moss.Glen.Falls_smw

We brought my daughter’s dog again on this trip, too.  She loves going on ‘adventures’ as we call them.

IMG_4268 Yoshi.Sally_smw

Going through the Lincoln Gap, we had to stop for a man taking his kids out for a walk to the mailbox.  I took this photo with my iPhone since my Canon 40D was in the back seat.  He must have had about 7 or more goats with him!

IMG_0520 goats

I had hoped the gap would have several places to pull over, but there was really only one at the top of the mountain with hiking trails.  So we continued on down the hill and passed through the town of Lincoln, Vermont and onto Bristol, where we stopped at the Bristol Bakery and Café to use their facilities and share a yummy eclair.  Then we turned back toward the gap where we pulled over beside the New Haven River to have a picnic lunch.

IMG_4292 Sally.Yoshi.river_smw

My daughter’s dog was loving the water. She seemed to want to dive right in, but the current was very strong and the water ice cold.

IMG_4297 Sally.water_smw

IMG_4301 waterfall.New.Haven_smw

IMG_4313 Sally.Yoshi.flat.rock_smw

An old wall that looked like it was once some sort of drainage system.

IMG_4331 wall_smw

IMG_4345a river.wall_smw

IMG_4337 New.Haven.River_smw

Reed art left by a previous visitor.

IMG_4335 reed.art_smw

More scenes from further upriver, including a man sitting and reading a book in a camp chair with umbrella in the middle of the river.

IMG_4361 roadside.cascade_smw

IMG_4363 River.reading_sm

In-between the towns of Bristol and Lincoln, we came across a very small cemetery.  I tried doing a Google search but found no info on it or the name on the one stone I could read.  The stone says, “John Johnson, died, Mar 23, 1891.”  The rest is barely readable but appears to say, “Æ 88 YRS 8 M”.  Old stones sometimes did not include the birth date but did include the length of years and months lived, which means he would have been born around August 1802.  I don’t know if he was a soldier, but he was remembered over this Memorial Day weekend.

IMG_4371 cemetery_smw

IMG_4365 gravestone_sm

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Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens for Canon EOS SLR Cameras

Hoya 77mm DMC PRO1 Digital ND16X (1.2) Neutral Density Filter

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