Two Vermont Bridges

On my way home from taking my daughter to an airport in the wee hours of the morning, I took a back road as a change of pace.  I passed by one of Vermont’s many covered bridges, over 100, in fact.  This one in South Randolph along Route 14 is one of the smaller ones.

IMG_3067 covered.bridge_smw

Seeing a sign for Brookfield and its floating bridge, I turned onto Route 65.  Although I remember driving across it myself when the bridge was open, it has been closed to traffic for several years due to safety concerns.  It is in need of repair.  As far as I know, people still use it recreationally, and next to the bridge the little town of Brookfield hosts an ice harvest every year.  I have never been to one and had hoped to go this past January, but I missed it.  I love Vermont’s quaintness and nostalgia.

Brookfield, Vermont's Floating Bridge

Brookfield, Vermont’s Floating Bridge

4 thoughts on “Two Vermont Bridges

  1. Super pics Rene. NC has a few covered bridges in the western part of the state, but as for floating bridges the closest we have are underwater bridges down east at high tide and during hurricanes. 🙂

    • LOL…. Funny, but not funny when those bridges are damaged or when impassable during emergencies. Apparently, Vermont used to have over 600 covered bridges, but floods and hurricanes have taken many of them out over the years. I haven’t seen any of the NC bridges. I think the first covered bridge I saw was out west when I was a little girl. Thank you, Randell! 😀

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