North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

One of the places I visited was the North Carolina Aquarium in Fort Fisher, Kure Beach, North Carolina.  A beautiful fish sculpture welcomes visitors.  There are also beautiful walkways that lead to a butterfly garden, a bird sanctuary, and little ponds and streams, not to mention a play area for children.  Although petting a stingray is at the top of my list of the things I experienced, my favorite was interacting with Luna, the albino alligator.

IMG_2511 NC.Aquarium_smw

Luna, the albino alligator

Luna, the albino alligator

IMG_2524 Luna.alligator_smw

Alligators have an inner eyelid that protects their eye and enables them to see better underwater.

IMG_2527 Luna.eye_smw

Blue poison dart frog

Blue poison dart frog

IMG_0888 jellyfish_sm

I used my daughter’s point-n-shoot Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS to capture the tiny, fast moving Australian spotted jellyfish, because I couldn’t seem to get a clear shot with my big camera and lens.

A tiny Australian spotted jellyfish.

A tiny Australian spotted jellyfish.

Sea anemone

Sea anemone

A squirrel bid us farewell as we exited the aquarium grounds.

IMG_2548 squirrel_smw

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