Sunrise and Filters

While preparing some tea this morning to relieve my stuffiness, I noticed the reflection of the red orange morning sky in the window in front of me.  The sunset the night before had also been red, and knowing that an ice storm is coming, I really shouldn’t have been surprised to see the vibrant colors this morning.  I bundled up and took a few quick shots, then came back inside and sat by the bay window and sipped tea while waiting for the sun to crest the mountain.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”  —Psalm 19:1

IMG_1929 sunrise.v_smw

Once the sun began to crest the mountain, I went back out and grabbed a few more shots.  Having come across some old Cokin filters and finding they fit my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 ii lens, I was excited about using the Star 4 filter.

IMG_1946 sunrise.star_smw

Then I tried the Dreams 3 filter.  I love the dreamy effect.

IMG_1952 sunrise.dreams_smw

The filters were just two I had bought ages ago for my husband’s 35mm film camera.  There are also gradients, pastels and a split view.  Can’t wait to try some of those, too.

IMG_1956 lens.filters.B&W_sm

4 thoughts on “Sunrise and Filters

    • That is so true, Randell. And they not only have a calming effect, but there’s an anticipation when waiting for the sun to peek above the horizon or between the clouds, and then a feeling of inspiration, warmth and hope once it shines through. 🙂

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