Kung Fu Lessons

While walking the Vegas strip, we came across this panhandler with his humorously clever sign.  Having volunteered at a homeless shelter and hearing the pros and cons of giving to panhandlers and knowing what the Bible says about giving alms and being wise, I usually don’t, but rather give to those I know are truly in need.  But in this case, I just couldn’t resist getting a picture of his sign.  I had passed him by, because I didn’t have anything smaller than a twenty at the time, but when my brother-in-law, Terry, remarked about the sign, I told him of my plight.  He was so sweet to stop our group, walk back with me, and give the man some money so I could get the picture.  I only wish I’d gotten his first name, too.

IMG_1355 kung.fu_smw

Canon EOS 40D with EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

7 thoughts on “Kung Fu Lessons

  1. Rene, I don’t understand the sign; it seems insincere to me. I was there in Oct. and saw many panhandling on and near pedestrian bridges, some fully costumed human statues in silver paint, some youth with ‘homeless and hungry’ signs, some musicians. One sad disheveled person was blind, sitting with his guide dog. What I noticed was that the panhandlers were ignored for the most part by the continuous stream of passers by. Here in Hawaii, they hold their signs near the traffic intersections on the medial strip on main boulevards and at freeway off ramps. It looks like many are in desperate straits these days.

    • If I had not been with a group, I would have asked about his story. I don’t know why he was trying to get money through panhandling, but he seemed to have a good heart, and he was with another slightly older man who seemed to be more in need and to whom my brother-in-law also gave a dollar or two. Some people are truly homeless, others need money for their next ‘fix’, while others are trying to earn extra money for college or just to make ends meet. I don’t mind giving to musicians or other street performers, because they are working for the money. As far as those who appear destitute, it’s a bit more difficult, because they could be faking, and our government and society have a lot of social programs and organizations that can help. Unfortunately, some people don’t want to work or take advantage of homeless shelters or non-profit organizations. But yes, many these days are in desperate straits. Even though we ourselves have more than we need and are able to share, we, too, are in some ways worse off than we were just a few years ago.

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