Vintage and Modern

I couldn’t help but notice the juxtaposition between the vintage and modern, old and new in the midst of nature, ever changing and yet the same.Β  I used a texture from my personal collection and isolated the tractor, making it B&W to give it a more nostalgic feel.



10 thoughts on “Vintage and Modern

  1. Great photo, Sweets. It really does say ‘vintage and modern’, and reflects a huge change in our society, from basic survival through mechanical means, to living ‘with’ our planet, and caring about it.
    I guess you could put the old tractor beside a horse-drawn plow and still have a vintage and modern scene though. Life is strange, and ever-progressing.

    love what you do,

    • Yes, I’m glad we’re beginning to care for our planet just as we were instructed to do by our Creator. And yes, I think a horse-drawn plow would still have a vintage and modern scene. Thank you, g! πŸ˜€

  2. Actually, it’s not a tractor, is it…. I should have looked closer. It’s an old truck, without most of the body. It does make me wonder what will be rusting out in the field fifty years from now… maybe a 2014 car? πŸ™‚

    • By golly, you could be right! I thought it was a tractor, too, because of the larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels, but the grill looks like it could be a Model A Ford. Good eye!

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