Lake Champlain Cruise

It was a gorgeous day for a cruise on Lake Champlain from Burlington, Vermont’s waterfront.  A group of us went on a 1-1/2 hours scenic cruise on the Spirit of Ethan Allen.

IMG_0354 cruise.boat_smw

While pulling out of the dock and heading out past the breakwater, I looked down and noticed our shadows in the water.  I’m on the right, and my friend, Diane is on the left with her camera in hand.  I used a circular polarizer filter to cut down on the glare.

IMG_0363 shadows_smw

IMG_0370 lighthouse_smw

IMG_0395 sailboat.rocky.point_smw

IMG_0408 sailboat.cliffs_smw

IMG_0427 cliff_smw

The lake is dotted with small islands.  I love the gradient of the New York mountains.

IMG_0442 islands.mtns_smw

Sailboats rest in Burlington’s harbor.

IMG_0448 Burlington_smw

Northern Lights, another scenic cruise ship returning to the dock.

IMG_0457 ferries.cruises_smw


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