Quechee Gorge

While in the area, I decided to stop by the Quechee Gorge, Vermont’s “Little Grand Canyon”.  The foliage is gorgeous this year.

IMG_0089 maple.branch_smw

This is Quechee Gorge looking south from the Route 4 bridge.

IMG_0120 Quechee.Gorge.south_smw

IMG_0111 Quechee.Gorge2_smw

This is Quechee Gorge at sunset looking north from the bridge.

IMG_0141 Quechee.north_smw

IMG_0103 dramatic.sunset_smw


13 thoughts on “Quechee Gorge

  1. I can’t say I have seen anything quite as beautiful as this … I could actually get lost in these photographs Rene! The colours … GOD IS MAGNIFICENT!

    I am so taken aback by the beauty … I just want to disappear into it …

    • Hi, Tracey! I grew up on the east coast of NC, and I don’t remember seeing such magnificent foliage as VT has in the fall either. Although I have visited the western part of NC, I don’t recall doing so in the fall or seeing its beautiful autumn foliage. There is one particular sugar maple I have passed year after year that is so unusual in its distribution of autumn colors with the top being red, the middle being orange, and the bottom being green, but mixed tones in-between. God’s artistry is so beautiful. Thank you so much for visiting! 😀

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