Hampton Beach State Park

My daughter and I took a trip to Hampton Beach State Park in NH a few days ago.  My second son and his family were supposed to go, too, but the oldest became sick with a fever.  It would’ve been the baby’s first time at the beach.  Fortunately, they were able to go another day.  Unfortunately, I missed seeing the wonder in her eyes upon seeing and touching the ocean and playing in the sand.  I’m just glad everyone is well now.

This little Asian boy was so cute with his hat and bucket, I just had to take his picture.

IMG_9341 boy.with.pail_smw

I loved watching the two babies in the little rubber ducky boat. Every once in a while, the little girl would hug the baby boy. Seeing men play with and take care of children warms my heart, too.

IMG_9347 babies.duck.boat_smw

It was a perfect day for the beach and for flying kites.

IMG_9365 kite_smw

I stood upon a rock so my daughter could take a photo of me, and this ‘pool’ was on the other side, so I hopped down to grab my camera to capture it.  It is located near the rocky jetty.

IMG_9368 rocky.pool_smw

IMG_9376 rocks.waves_smw

This hungry seagull was eager to see if I was getting something yummy out of my bag, but I didn’t.

IMG_9383 hungry.seagull_smw

We loved watching the waves crash against the rocks!  What a gorgeous day!

IMG_9389 splash_smw

IMG_9405 splash2_smw

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6 thoughts on “Hampton Beach State Park

    • Sometimes I actually ask people if I can take their picture. I’m really not much of a street photographer, because I try to respect people’s privacy for the most part. I’d like to step out of my comfort zone more and actually get people’s photo and story, which I’ve done but not much. I hope you’re able to get to the beach. 🙂

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