Hiking Mount Elmore

My daughter and I hiked Mount Elmore, located in Elmore, VT, a couple of days ago, but we’ll have to go back, because we did only one of the trails.  There is the option of going straight up the Fire Tower Trail (1.25 miles) or right onto the Elmore Mountain Ridge Trail (3.95 miles), which also leads to the fire tower.  It was a gorgeous autumn-like day— perfect for hiking.

IMG_9018 bridge_smw

We came across a variety of mushrooms.  I love how this one has a heart ’embossed’ in it.

IMG_9020 toadstool.heart_smw

IMG_9023 Tiny.toadstool_smw

IMG_9029 mushrooms_smw

IMG_9030 mushroom.bowl_smw

This trillium berry was huge!

IMG_9040 trillium.berry_smw

We stopped at Balancing Rock to have a quick snack of carrots and protein bars.

IMG_9049 Balancing.Rock.Yoshi_smw

These tiny orange mushrooms were sooo cute!  I think they are called hygrophorus squamulosus.

IMG_9057 tiny.mushrooms_smw

After Balancing Rock and before the fire tower, there is a rocky clearing where you can get a good view of Lowell Mountain with its windmills as well as a view of Lake Elmore.

IMG_9080 Lowell.Mtn.windmills_smw

IMG_9090 planks.bridge_smw

This is Lake Elmore as seen from the top of the fire tower.

IMG_9092 Lake.Elmore_smw


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