Flowers From NC

Just wanted to share some flower images from my recent trip to North Carolina.  My mother was a good sport as she took an early morning walk with me one day in a misty rain.  As soon as we returned home, the sky opened up and it began to pour!  So grateful we didn’t get caught in the storm.

IMG_8520 wisteria_smw

IMG_8521 hydrangea_smw

IMG_8599 rose.sharon_smw

IMG_8601 rose.sharon2_smw

IMG_8608 magnolia_smw

IMG_8635 pontederia_smw


3 thoughts on “Flowers From NC

  1. Love all, but you know me by now…gotta share my favorite. This time it is the hydrangea. I love the hint of a blue one in the background against the gorgeous white one. The blue one is either casting a subtle blue shadow on the white one or it is turning blue! Very pretty and sounds like a special time with your mom.

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