You Are Loved!

While out walking my daughter’s dog this morning, I thought I’d leave a message for those who walk this road, and I thought I’d share it with you, too.  You are loved.  Yes… you…

IMG_8737 chalk.URLoved_smw


2 thoughts on “You Are Loved!

  1. Hi René! It is out of respect for the truth I’m writing this. That reality’s truth which made me change my mind after two decades of ministry. The reality of a love present only as an emotional hope of it, but practically non-existent. If one takes the NT for its own counsel, will find that the love mentioned all over it, must be practical, palpable and real for its recipients. Bread must be beyond the hope for it. Healing wounds must be beyond the hope for it. Giving water to the thirsty and and clothes to the naked must go beyond the hope for these… Yet the love one would expect from the one who promissed to harshly punish those loving in words and hopes alone, has never been experienced, seen or received in a practical manner. If we were to be as our heavenly father, we should leave all Ethiopian children starve, as for some reason they just don’t deserve even the rain of the unjust. Or we should see our bread requesting children go away hungry, as the North Korean ones go… How many children have asked themselves about what “suffer the little childten to come, for theirs is…” could practically mean in the aftermath of Katrina? And I haven’t even touched the surface of reality.
    Love is not supposed to be hope, alone. And being loved should mean more than the shallow comfort of hope…
    Hope should be the companion of waiting for love, not the substitute of it….
    With suffering’s respect, Rom.

    • Aww, Rom, I agree that love should be practically and palpably expressed. Your lament and question is the most oft expressed and asked, and although I see God as being more than a harsh, uncaring heavenly father as revealed in so many ways in both the Old and New Testaments, I cannot adequately answer the question of why? I don’t know if this would help at all, and perhaps it’s things you’ve already heard, but here is a conversation I had with a modern day Roman about the very subject of love:

      Thank you for your input. I truly appreciate your feeling free to respectfully express your thoughts.

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