Gardenias are my favorite flower.  I love their creamy white petals and rich, sweet scent.  And being a Southern girl, they remind me of home.  I was so blessed to find my mother’s neighbor had a gardenia bush right next to the fence so I could capture its image and enjoy its beauty and perfume.

While doing some research on the gardenia, I was drawn into its Chinese and Japanese names— Zhi zi and Kuchinashi respectively.  Did you know that some Chinese characters confirm Biblical accounts in Genesis?  If you’re interested, you can read more here:  Sweet Rains: Gardenia and Genesis Unspoken.

Gardenia:  transluscent haze 49%; Rosemary 40% masked off of flower


4 thoughts on “Gardenia

    • Yes, I am so grateful God has revealed Himself, not only through Jesus, but through His marvelous creation. He has left His fingerprint in so many ways if only we’ll take the time to notice. Thank you, Heidi! 🙂

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