A fellow blogger recently asked if I really took the photos of my granddaughter’s first photo session, so although I have retired from doing weddings and have done fewer formal portrait sessions, I thought this might be a good opportunity to post some of my past work— some of my favorites.  They are not as amazing as some of the images out there, but they are my favorites because they mean something personal to me as well.  Many were actually spontaneous, although some were planned.  So here they are in somewhat of a chronological order with my favorite saved for last:

080617 collage

081129 Chris2009

IMG_2142 Tiffany

IMG_5352 Lexi&Ri_sm

IMG_5940 defensive_sm

IMG_0450 gazing.stn.dg_sm

IMG_0871 Dave2_sm

IMG_2050 Naomi.tree_sm

IMG_2856 Bryanna_sm

IMG_1296 Mia_smt

IMG_9059 veil.kiss_sm

IMG_8954 bench.kiss_sm


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