Plums, Peonies, Pollen, and Poison

While we were experiencing a break in the rain this afternoon, I was able to take a few pictures around the yard again.  My son loved the results of my using a neutral density filter, so he bought a set for his 60mm macro lens.  And since I use it more than he does, I get to benefit from it as well.


Baby plums with a free texture called Desperado2 by French Kiss.


Pink Peony


Bee gathering pollen. It was so loaded down with pollen, it seemed to have a bit of trouble flying away!


Bittersweet Nightshade – A vine that produces poisonous berries.

2 thoughts on “Plums, Peonies, Pollen, and Poison

  1. Rene, they are all so lovely, how does one pick a favorite??? I love the pink peony but the bittersweet nightshade is a tie. On that one, I really love how you framed the pic showing the vine hanging next to the wood. I need not leave out the greedy, bee, though! Blessings.

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